Are you a business and seeking new and effective ways to market your brand or spread your message? If yes, then you may just want to consider influencer marketing. There are many good reasons to give it a shot. If you don’t believe, then read the next lines.

Product Promotions

Basically, this is the simplest technique when it comes to influencer marketing. What the influencer does is post a video or photo of a product being worn or used for their followers to see.

Hashtags (#)

Hashtags are basically phrases or words that are preceded by pound sign or #. On several social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, these hashtags play an integral role for users to easily find specific content that’s focused on a given theme or topic.

Marketers and brands may create their own hashtags specifically for their:

  • Brand
  • Event
  • Product or;
  • Service

On Instagram, roughly 20 percent of all hashtags are actually branded.

This makes sense for the reason that posts accompanied by hashtags are able to get 13 percent more engagement compared to those that have none.


The involvement of influencers can help a brand’s message or marketing campaign to spread like wildfire or in the digital world, referred to as “viral”. Influencers often have the tendency to be connected with other influencers. Therefore, if they’re involved on something, there is a huge potential for it to be passed around.