Social media influencers are defined simply as people with massive audience across various social media channels and have established trust in specific industry. Because of the trust they have built, oftentimes they are able to convince or influence their followers in using a service or buying a product form the brands they are promoting.

The Bandwagon You want to Jump In

Influencer marketing is extremely effective if you want to reach out to interested customers. It can deliver 11x bigger return of investments compared to other digital marketing strategies.

The best part, regardless of your industry, there is an influencer for you. Thing is, some industries are lending themselves naturally to influencers than actually marketing themselves. At the end of the day, any industry could benefit from influencer marketing. In fact, few of the popular industries that are racking up on this marketing approach include but not limited to the following:

  • Fashion & apparel at 36%
  • Food & beverage at 25%
  • Beauty at 23%
  • Fitness at 7%
  • Retail at 4%
  • Travel & hospitality at 2%
  • Technology at 1%
  • Finance at 1%

Influencers at Work

Influencers provide in-depth combination of authenticity and transparency. The review is laid down in a story format which creates a more personal feel among their audience.