Businesses could learn great things from their potential clients as per the data that has been collected. Smart companies are utilizing this information in order to create a more personal marketing message that is catered to their audience. And this seems to work as it is what the younger generation is up to.

Regular Folks as Brand Ambassadors?

Social events as well as the perceptions of what other sees seem to be one of the motivating factors among millenials. As a result, personalization becomes even more powerful than ever before. 85 percent of users are likely to purchase a product or use a service if the message is supported by the masses and personalized to their needs.

This is where social media influencers step in.

Basically, video sharing websites such as YouTube and social media have allowed “average folks” to become influential.

There is no need for companies to tie up with celebrities to make endorsements of their products just to get millions be interested to them.

Social Media Proof

Today, ordinary people even those who have no credentials can be influential. This takes place when they have good command of followers and high engagement on their social media sites. Simply take YouTuber PewDiePie with 47 million subscribers strong on his channel. When he endorse or play a certain game, many would be quick to see it and try the same as well. This is good for the business as it is an automatic equivalent for exposure.